Indogermanisches etymologisches Wörterbuch

The Indogermanisches etymologisches Wörterbuch (IEW; "Indo-European Etymological Dictionary") was published in 1959 by the Austrian-German comparative linguist and Celtic languages expert Julius Pokorny. It is an updated and slimmed-down reworking of the three-volume Vergleichendes Wörterbuch der indogermanischen Sprachen (1927–1932, by Alois Walde and Julius Pokorny).

Both of these works aim to provide an overview of the lexical knowledge of the Proto-Indo-European language accumulated through the early 20th century. The IEW is now slightly outdated, especially as it was conservative even when it was written, ignoring the laryngeal theory, and hardly including any Anatolian material, but it remains without any single replacement and thus remains an important tool of reference.


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