Circumstantial Evidence (1929 film)

Directed by Georg Jacoby
Produced by Stefan Markus
Written by Marie Corelli (novel)
Stefan Markus
Starring Fritz Alberti
Ruth Weyher
Valy Arnheim
Henry Edwards
Cinematography Hans Karl Gottschalk
Günther Krampf
Distributed by Ama-Film (Germany)
Williams and Pritchard Films (UK)
Release dates
15 February 1929
Country Germany
Language Silent
German intertitles

Circumstantial Evidence (German: Indizienbeweis) is a 1929 German silent crime film directed by Georg Jacoby and starring Fritz Alberti, Ruth Weyher, Valy Arnheim and Henry Edwards.[1] It is based on a novel by Marie Corelli. Countess Romani grows bored of her life in Corsica and wishes to go elsewhere. It is also known by the alternative title Vendetta. It premiered on 15 February 1929.[2]



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