Independents 4 Change

Independents 4 Change
Founded 2014 (2014)
Headquarters 13 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3
Ideology Left-wing
Dáil Éireann
4 / 158
Local government
1 / 949

Independents 4 Change,[1] previously known as Independents for Equality Movement, is an Irish political grouping registered as a political party since 2014.[2] Its registered officer is Wexford TD Mick Wallace.[3]

Four candidates contested the 2014 local elections for the group in each of the local electoral areas in Wexford County Council.[4] None of them were elected.

Sitting TDs Mick Wallace,[5] Clare Daly,[5] Joan Collins,[6] and Tommy Broughan,[7] and councillor Barry Martin[5] contested the 2016 general election for Independents 4 Change, with Broughan, Collins, Daly and Wallace being elected. The party adopted its current name in September 2015, after the establishment of the Right2Change electoral alliance to which all of its candidates for the 2016 election subscribed.

On 14 April 2016, Wallace referred to two further independent TDs, Catherine Connolly and Thomas Pringle, as being part of the Independents 4 Change Dáil grouping,[8] but both deputies remained listed as non-party TDs on the Oireachtas register.[9] Maureen O'Sullivan also aligned herself with Independents 4 Change, while remaining outside the party itself, and the seven TDs took advantage of revised Dáil standing orders to form their own technical group.[10]

In 2016 Ruth Nolan, a former People Before Profit member and county councillor, for Lucan and Palmerstown joined the Independents4Change.


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