Independent Workers' Party

Independent Worker's Party
Parti ouvrier indépendant
Leader Collective leadership
(Central Committee)
Gérard Schivardi, Claude Jenet, Pierre Jeanneney, Daniel Gluckstein
Founded June 15, 2008
Ideology Trotskyism, Marxism, communism, proletarian internationalism
Colours Red, Black
Seats in the National Assembly
0 / 577
Seats in the Senate
0 / 343
Seats in the European Parliament
0 / 72

Constitution of France
Parliament; government; president

The Independent Workers' Party (French: Parti ouvrier indépendant, POI) is a French far-left political party founded in June 2008 after the dissolution of its predecessor, the Workers' Party. It claims 10,071 members.

Amongst its four General Secretaries are former presidential candidates Gérard Schivardi and Daniel Gluckstein.

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