Inaba Masakatsu

Inaba Masakatsu
Born 1597
Died 22 February 1634
Kumamoto, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation daimyō
In this Japanese name, the family name is Inaba.

Inaba Masakatsu (稲葉 正勝, 1597 – 22 February 1634) was a daimyō of early Edo period, Japan, who ruled Kakioka (Shimōsa Province) and Mōka (Shimotsuke Province), and was finally transferred to Odawara Domain in Sagami Province.


Inaba Masakatsu was the eldest son of Kasuga no Tsubone, the wet nurse to Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu. He was raised with Iemitsu as one of his childhood playmates and confidants. In 1624, he received a 5000-koku estate in Makabe District, Hitachi Province, which, added to his existing holdings, propelled him past the 10,000 koku mark to become a daimyō. Kakioka Domain in Shimōsa Province was created to be his title. Howevever, on the death of his father Inaba Masanari in 1628, Masakatsu became head of the Inaba clan, and inherited his father’s position as daimyō of Mōka Domain, at which time Kakioka Domain was abolished. At that time when Iemitsu become shogun,masakatsu is brother,masatoshi is a samurai who sided oeyo and tadanaga and masatoshi is trying to kill Iemitsu so masakatsu agains masatoshi and the winner is masakatsu so masatoshi stop trying to kill Iemitsu.Later masakatsu was again transferred four years later to Odawara Domain. In 1632, he was assigned to assist Katō Tadahiro in the reconstruction of Kumamoto Castle. However, in the summer of 1633, while still at Kumamoto, he fell ill and vomited blood. He died the following year.

New title Daimyō of Kakioka
Preceded by
Inaba Masanari
Daimyō of Mōka
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Hori Chikayoshi
Daimyō of Odawara
Succeeded by
Inaba Masanori


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