Imrich Barta

Blumental church in Bratislava, oil painting by Imrich Barta.

Imrich Barta (1925 in Šamorín – 1999 in Bratislava), was a famous Slovak painter and architect of Greek ancestry.

He created many oil paintings in the style of Van Gogh, which brought many prominent Americans to visit Bratislava. After his death his works became exclusive and marketable.

He also worked as an architect. During his career he restored many churches in Bratislava and became the main architect of a project to build a new part of the city of Bratislava called Petržalka, but his project was stopped by communistic Czechoslovakian government, because of its likely cost. The government also did the same with Barta's modern project which included a new part of the city centre of Bratislava, near the Danube river. It was only in 2010 that a similar project, known as Eurovea, was completed.


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