Ikinci Hal

Ikinci Hal
Studio album by Bengü
Released ¨17 October 2014
Genre World, Pop Music, Alaturka
Label DMC
Bengü chronology
Dört Dörtlük
Ikinci Hal
Singles from Ikinci Hal
  1. "Sahici"
    Released: 23 September 2014
  2. "Ikinci Hal"
    Released: 19 December 2014
  3. "Feveran"
    Released: 2 April 2015
  4. "Kapıda Yalnızlık"
    Released: 1 December 2015

Ikinci Hal is a studio album from Turkish pop artist Bengü released by DMC company on October 17, 2014. It features notably production from Mustafa Ceceli, Erdem Kinay or Şehrazat and singing from Emre Aydin on one song (Kadar). The first single "Sahici" has been number one in the charts and "Feveran" a huge Hit during summer 2015.


Critical Reception

The reception of Ikinci Hal was rather good and people enjoyed the musical change of Bengü's sound. LoneReviewer website praised Bengü's professionalism and the production of chartbusters "Sahici" and "Feveran" but criticized lack of coherence and weakness of some compositions.[1]

Track listing

  1. "Sahici" (Lyrics: Zeki Güner - Music: Mustafa Ceceli)
  2. "İkinci Hal (Murat Yeter Version)" (Lyrics: Zeki Güner - Music: Ebru Elver)
  3. "Hilal" (Lyrics: Zeki Güner - Music: Murat Yeter)
  4. "Kapıda Yalnızlık" (Lyrics: Zeki Güner - Music: Mustafa Ceceli)
  5. "Ege" (Lyrics: Zeki Güner - Music: Serkan Kavuşan)
  6. "Yaprak Dökümü" (Lyrics - Music: Serkan Kavuşan)
  7. "Kadar" (feat. Emre Aydın) (Lyrics - Music: Şehrazat)
  8. "Feveran" (Lyrics: Deniz Erten - Music: Erdem Kınay)
  9. "İkinci Hal (Barış Özesener Version)" (Lyrics: Zeki Güner - Music: Ebru Elver)
  10. "Saygımdan" (Lyrics - Music: Zeki Güner)
  11. "Yaralı" (Lyrics - Music: Zeki Güner)


Chart (2014–2015) Peak
D&R 2
Esenshop 4
iTunes 2


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