Igreja de São Domingos (Lisbon)

Igreja São Domingos

View of the main façade of the church.
Basic information
Location Largo de São Domingos, 1150 Lisboa, Portugal.
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Rite Latin Rite
Municipality Lisbon
District Lisbon District
Region Lisboa Region
Architectural description
Architectural style Baroque
Groundbreaking 1241 (1241)
Completed 1748 (1748)

Igreja de São Domingos is a church in Lisbon, Portugal. It is classified as a National Monument.[1]

The church was dedicated in 1241 and was, at one time, the largest church in Lisbon.[2] Prior to the establishment of the modern Portuguese republic in 1910, the church typically hosted Portuguese royal weddings.[2] Formerly the home of the Inquisition, Jesuit missionary Gabriel Malagrida was famously executed at the church in 1761 after being accused of treason.[2]

The church was damaged by the 1531 Lisbon earthquake and almost completely destroyed in the 1755 earthquake.[3] Rebuilding began quickly but wasn't completed until 1807.[4] In 1959 the church was devastated once more when a fire broke out in the building.[5] The fire, which killed two firefighters, took more than six hours to extinguish and completely gutted the church, destroying many important paintings and statues.[5] In 1994 the church reopened.[6] The restoration left many signs of the fire in place.[6]

Interior showing fire damage


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