Ignite / Good Riddance

Ignite / Good Riddance

Cover of the Ignite side (side A)
EP by Ignite and Good Riddance
Released 1996 (1996)
Recorded 1996 at Art of Ears
Genre Hardcore punk, melodic hardcore
Label Revelation (REV 053)
Ignite chronology
Call on My Brothers
Ignite / Good Riddance
Past Our Means
Good Riddance chronology
Good Riddance / Reliance
Ignite / Good Riddance
Good Riddance / Ill Repute
Cover of the Good Riddance side (side B)

Ignite / Good Riddance is a split EP by the hardcore punk bands Ignite and Good Riddance, released in 1996 through Revelation Records.[1] Good Riddance's tracks were two of seven that had been demoed for their second album A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion but had been left off the record; they were recorded in a separate session from the album, with Andy Ernst at Art of Ears, and used on split EPs with Reliance, Ignite, Ill Repute, and Ensign over the following year.[1][2]

Reflecting on the tracks, Good Riddance singer Russ Rankin called "Twenty-One Guns" "a song about the plight of a soldier risking his life in some remote outpost for a cause he isn't privy to. The irony that we flippantly waste so much human life but wait until someone's death to bestow all of this honor and ceremony upon them. Musically a very angry song, very Born Against sounding to me now."[1] "Class War 2000" was influenced musically by T.S.O.L. and lyrically by The Dils' 1977 song "Class War", after which it was titled.[1]

Track listing

Side A: Ignite
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Past Our Means"     
2. "Banned in D.C." (originally performed by Bad Brains)H.R., Dr. Know, Darryl Jenifer, Earl Hudson  
Side B: Good Riddance
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Twenty-One Guns"  Russ Rankin 2:05
2. "Class War 2000"  Rankin 1:41




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