I Want More (Can song)

"I Want More"

Cover of the 2006 re-release
Single by Can
from the album Flow Motion
Released 1976
Recorded Inner Space Studio, Cologne
Genre Krautrock, disco
Length 3:37
Label Virgin Records
Writer(s) Can, Peter Gilmour


Music sample
"I Want More" sample

"I Want More" is a song on Can's 1976 album Flow Motion. Unusually, it features all of the members of the band on vocals simultaneously and is characteristic of their Virgin era sound, with lyrics written by Peter Gilmour.

It was the band's only hit single in the UK which led to an appearance on Top of the Pops, where bass player Holger Czukay performed with a double bass. The band were introduced by Noel Edmonds, who made the pun "I wonder if Can will get into the top tin!". Following their performance he quipped, "We wanted to have them on at the beginning of the show, but then realised we couldn't have a Can opener." When Can's performance was repeated on the show five weeks later, it was actually as the opening act. The single reached number 26 in the UK Singles Chart in August 1976.[1]

The song "... And More", also on Flow Motion, repeats the chorus of this track, and was included as a B-side to the single release.

The single was reissued on its thirty-year anniversary in 2006, by Spoon Records, and reached number 103 in the UK Singles Chart in June. The single was released on a 7" picture disc, on 12" orange vinyl (limited copy pressing) and in digital download format.[2]

Other versions

The song was covered by Australian band GBVG (an alias of the Underground Lovers) in 1998 and was an indie hit.

Another cover version, by Finitribe, featured Chris Connelly on vocals.

Italo disco group Galaxis released their cover as a single [b/w "Space Ranger"] in 1978.

A cover by Richard Kirk (of Cabaret Voltaire) appeared on the Earlier/Later - Unreleased Projects Anthology 74-89 album.

The British synthpop band Blancmange covered the song on their fifth studio album Semi Detached in 2015.[3]


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