I Change

I Change (Io Cambio, IC) is a political party in Italy.

The party was formed in 2013 by a group of former members of Lega Nord (LN), who had not supported the party's new course under Roberto Maroni. Their leaders were Angelo Alessandri, former federal president of LN, national secretary of Lega Nord Emilia and member of the Chamber of Deputies, and Claudio Morganti, member of the European Parliament and former national secretary of Lega Nord Toscana.[1] They were joined by groups from all around Italy and, notably, by Rosario Polizzi, a former deputy for National Alliance who had later joined I the South. IC was also endorsed by Giuseppe Guarino, a former Christian Democrat and minister.[2][3]

For the 2014 European Parliament election the party presented joint lists along with the Associative Movement Italians Abroad, Women for Italy, minor groups and independents, notably including Davide Vannoni, inventor and promoter of the controversial stamina therapy.[4][5][6][7]

In the election the party obtained a mere 0.2% of the vote, returning no MEPs.[8]



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