IET Achievement Medals

IET Achievement Medals
Awarded for Exceptional contribution to the advancement of engineering and technology
Country  United Kingdom
Presented by Institution of Engineering and Technology (formerly IEE). Founded in London, 1871.
First awarded 1987
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The Institution of Engineering and Technology awards achievement medals to recognize engineers who have been significant contribution to various fields in engineering[1] Every year, the award committee seeks[2][3][4][5] and evaluates nominations[6] and makes decision on winners.[7] There is no age limit or nationality requirement. It is an international award.

Technical Fields

The awards are made to recognize specific fields in engineering:

[1]. Information & Telecommunication

[2]. Electronics

[3]. Control Engineering

[4]. Manufacturing

[5]. Transport Engineering

[6]. Environmental Engineering

[7]. Energy

Naming of Awards

The IET Achievement Medals are named after prominent scientists and engineers. They include:

1. J. J. Thomson - for electronics

2. John Ambrose Fleming - for communications

3. R. E. B. Crompton - for energy

4. Oliver Heaviside - for control

5. Monty Finniston - for general engineering

6. Sarah Guppy - for environment

7. Eric Mensforth - for manufacturing

The awards are sponsored by several companies, such as BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, BP, RS, Pace, e-ON, EDF energy networks, GCHQ, Transport for London, etc.[8]

Award Ceremony

Each year, the award is presented in London, UK. [9] The ceremony is attended by the IET President, distinguished guests, winners and their families and industry sponsors of the event. Also at this ceremony, winners of the IET Faraday Medal and recipient of IET Honorary Fellow will also be announced on this occasion.[10] Some photos taken at the award ceremony can be found here.[11]


Some winners of J. J. Thomson Medal include John Cioffi (Stanford), Kam-Yin Lau (U C Berkeley).[12] Chancellor Sir John O'Reilly of Cranfield UK also won the medal in 2003.[13] Vincent Poor, Dean of Engineering at Princeton won the IET Ambrose Fleming Medal in 2010. Bath-based Internet Pioneer Paul Kane won the medal in 2012.[14] Prof. Ramesh Agarwal from Washington St. Luis got the IET Medal for Control in 2012.[15] Simon Kingsley won the Ambrose Fleming Medal in 2007.[16] Ron Hui from University of Hong Kong won the IET medal in power in 2010.[17] B L Weiss from University of Leeds won the IET medal in electronics.[18] Christos Christopoulos from the University of Nottingham, UK won the IET Medal in Communications and Information in 2011[19] Lajos Hanzo from University of Southampton won IET Medal in engineering and technology in 2008.[20] Asad M. Madni from UCLA, USA won the IET Medal in 2005.[21] John Armitt from Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) won the IET Sarah Guppy Medal in 2011.[22] Ian Postlethwaite from University of Leicester won the medal in 2007 for control engineering.[23] A full list of winners since 1987 can be found here.[7]


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