Huocheng County

Huocheng County

Location of Huocheng County (pink) in Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture (yellow) and Xinjiang (grey)
Coordinates: 44°00′36″N 80°48′28″E / 44.01000°N 80.80778°E / 44.01000; 80.80778Coordinates: 44°00′36″N 80°48′28″E / 44.01000°N 80.80778°E / 44.01000; 80.80778
Country China
Province Xinjiang
Prefecture-level divisions Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture
Township-level divisions 5 towns
3 townships
2 ethnic townships
County seat Shuiding (水定镇)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Huocheng (Korgas) County (simplified Chinese: 霍城县; traditional Chinese: 霍城縣; pinyin: Huòchéng Xiàn; Uyghur: قورغاس ناھىيىسى, Қорғас Наһийиси, ULY: Qorghas Nahiyisi, official (strict): K̂orĝas Naĥiyisi) is situated within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and under the administration of the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture. It is located between Yining and the border of Kazakhstan, occupying an area of 5,466 km2 (2,110 sq mi) and has a population of 360,000 (2004 estimate). Including the Han and Uyghur nationalities, there are twenty nine ethnic groups living in the county.

North of Huocheng City is the Tianshan District; to the south lies the Ili River. Its Western side is China's border with Kazakhstan; Yining lies about 45 km (28 mi) to the east.

Historical monuments

Within Huocheng County lies the important ruined site of ancient Almaliq. The mausoleum of the first khan of Moghulistan Tughlugh Timur is within the county as well.

Towns and villages

Tughlugh Timur Mausoleum (zh), some 30 km northwest of the county seat

The county includes five towns, three villages, and two ethnic-minority villages (民族乡).

The towns:



In agriculture, the local population cultivate wheat, corn and other crops including sugar beet, cotton, tobacco, apples, animal husbandry with cattle and sheep.

The main minerals extracted in the area include coal, phosphorus, iron, gold, silver, copper, limestone, Iceland spar and marble, etc.


Huocheng is served by China National Highway 312 and the Jinghe-Yining-Khorgas Railway.

There is a border crossing into Kazakhstan at Khorgas, where the road continues to Zharkent in Panfilov District.

The Jinghe–Yining–Khorgas Railway through Huocheng county was completed in 2010, reaching practically to the Kazakhstan border. There are plans to construct a connecting railway line on the Kazakh side, creating China's second railway link to Central Asia besides Alashankou.[1]

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