Hungarian parliamentary election, 2002

Hungarian parliamentary election, 2002
7 and 21 April 2002

All 386 seats to the Országgyűlés
194 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Péter Medgyessy Viktor Orbán Gábor Kuncze
Party MSZP Fidesz SZDSZ
Last election 134 seats 148 seats 24 seats
Seats won 178 188 20
Seat change Increase 44 Increase 40 Decrease 4
Popular vote 2,361,997 2,306,763 313,084
Percentage 42.05% 41.07% 5.57%

Map showing winning/leading parties in each Single Member Constituency

PM before election

Viktor Orbán

Elected PM

Péter Medgyessy

Parliamentary elections were held in Hungary on 7 April 2002, with a second round of voting in 131 of the 176 single member constituencies on 21 April.[1][2] Although Fidesz remained the largest party in the National Assembly despite receiving fewer votes than the Hungarian Socialist Party, the Socialist Party was able to form a coalition government with the Alliance of Free Democrats.


Party SMCs MMCs National
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
Hungarian Socialist Party2,277,73240.5782,361,98342.16931178+44
Fidesz–Hungarian Civic PartyMDF2,217,75539.4952,306,76341.16726188+40
Alliance of Free Democrats380,9826.82313,0845.641319–5
Hungarian Justice and Life Party257,4554.60245,3164.4000–14
Centre Party182,2563.20219,0293.9000New
Workers' Party108,7321.90121,5032.20000
Independent Smallholders' Party67,4011.2042,3380.8000–48
New Left Party5,5970.103,1980.1000New
Green Party of Hungary2,2210.00000
Reform Smallholders' Party2,7580.001,0860.0000New
Smallholders' Party, Party of Smallholders' Alliance2,6990.004510.0000New
Hungarian Entrepreneurs' United Party1,2880.003180.0000New
Party of the Hungarian Interest9190.0000New
Union for Solidarity7930.0000New
Hungarian Pensioners' Party6850.0000New
Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party6120.00000
Social Democratic Party5900.009120.00000
Hungarian Roma Party5890.007450.0000New
Independent Hungarian Democratic Party5310.00000
Civic Democratic Party against Corruption2610.0000New
Democratic Roma Party1710.0000New
Invalid/blank votes55,86363,897
Registered voters/turnout8,061,10170.58,061,10170.5
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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