Hungarian parliamentary election, 1906

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Parliamentary elections were held in Hungary between 29 April and 8 May 1906. The parties of the allied opposition received 87.96% of the vote. The main party of the opposition, the Party for Independence and '48, received an absolute majority alone (61.26%). However the party failed to govern effectively as cleavages in the party led to several splits and due to the compromise made with Franz Joseph I of Austria.


Party Seats % Parliamentary role
Party of Independence and '48 253 61,26% government
National Constitution Party 71 17,19% government
Catholic People Party 33 7,99% government
Romanian National Party 14 3,39% opposition
Saxon Party 13 3,15% opposition
Slovak National Party 7 1,69% opposition
Serb National Party 4 0,97% opposition
Democratic Party 3 0,72% government
Reorganised Social Democratic Party of Hungary 1 0,24% opposition
Peasant Party 1 0,24% opposition
independent 13 3,15% independent
Total 413 100%
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