Hungarian parliamentary election, 1865

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Parliamentary elections were held in Hungary between 10 November and 11 December 1865. The Deák Party won a majority of the seats, and successfully made the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867, and founded Austria-Hungary. Hungary got more freedom and autonomy from the Crown,but still in a mutual state with Austria and Franz Joseph I of Austria was crowned as the King of Hungary. After the elections that was the constitution of the Parliament.


Party Seats % Parliamentary role
Deák Party 180 57,14% government
Left Centre 94 29,84% opposition
Far-left Party1 20 6,35% opposition
Conservative Party 21 6,67% opposition
Total 315 100%

1: The Far-left Party was a fraction of the Centre-left Party. They didn't have own membership or president

Later by the representatives of Transylvania and Croatia the constitution of the Parliament was that.

Party Seats % Parliamentary role
Deák Party 250 52,08% government
Left Centre 100 20,83% opposition
Far-left Party1 20 4,17% opposition
Conservative Party 21 4,38% opposition
Minorities' Party 54 11,25% government
Minorities' Party 35 7,29% opposition
Total 480 100%

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