Hungarian Ground Forces

The Hungarian Ground Forces are one of the branches of the Hungarian armed forces. It is the army which handles Ground activities and troops including artillery, tanks, APC's, IFV's and ground support. Hungary's Ground forces currently pulled out of Iraq and are currently in service in Afghanistan and KFOR.

Hungary was supported by the Soviet Union during the Cold War but since the Soviet Union's fall, Hungary cut tanks, closed garrisons, and minimized troop strength since 1991. The Hungarian Army now deals with national security, peacekeeping and international conflicts. Hungary joined NATO in 1999.


The two main combat units of the Hungarian Ground Forces are:

Military Equipment

P9RC  Hungary Handgun Service Handgun, replacing PA-63.
Glock 17  Austria Semi-automatic pistol Special Forces Service Handgun.
SKS  Soviet Union semi-automatic carbine Ceremonial rifle.
Steyr-Mannlicher M1895  Austria-Hungary Rifle Ceremonial rifle.
KGP-9  Hungary Submachine gun
Heckler & Koch MP5 A3  Germany Submachine gun
AK-63  Hungary Assault Rifle Main service rifle of the Hungarian Ground Forces and is the modernized variant of the AKM rifle. 7700 rifles have been modernized, more to follow. Versions: AK-63D/E/MF
AK-63MF  Hungary Assault Rifle
M4A1 SOPMOD  United States Assault rifle Special Force Service Rifle.
Remington 870 Marine  United States Pump action shotgun
M2 Browning  United States Heavy machine gun
Szép sniper rifle  Hungary Sniper Rifle [1]
M24 SWS  United States Sniper Rifle
Dragunov SVD  Soviet Union Sniper Rifle Will be replaced by Szép sniper rifle
Gepárd  Hungary Anti-materiel rifle
M249 SAW  United States Light Machine gun
PKM  Soviet Union General-purpose machine gun
H&K M320  Germany Grenade Launcher

Armour and other vehicles

T-72  Soviet Union
Main battle tank T-72M
29 Only 29 vehicles are in active service. Another 43 T-72 in reserve. The rest are being used as targets for firing).
BTR-80  Soviet Union
amphibious armoured personnel carrier BTR-20
600 Hungary is a largest operator of BTR-80 in the World with approximately 600 units (598 pieces, most of them modernized, in use, few others stored in working condition). There is also an unknown number of modernized Hungarian-upgraded BTR-80s for technical rescue, medical rescue and NBC missions (these vehicles are entering service starting with 2009).
BRDM-2  Soviet Union Armoured Personnel Carrier BRDM-2 50
PTS (amphibious vehicle)  Soviet Union Amphibious vehicle PTS-2 50+ Some in reserve. Very large tracked amphibious vehicle used for crossing water bodies and building bridges across rivers
M-ATV  United States MRAP 20+ Use by the Hungarian special forces in Afghanistan
M1151 HMMWV  United States Utility vehicle 80+ Most of them used by the Special Forces [2]

Artillery: ATGMs, RPGs, Mortars, Howitzers etc.

Transport Vehicles

River fleet

Neštin-class  Yugoslavia minesweeper 3 6 minesweepers were received from Yugoslavia in 1981. As of 2014, 3 of them are in active service.

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