Humbert I of Viennois

Bust of Humbert I

Humbert I of Viennois (c. 1240 – 12 April 1307) was baron of la Tour-du-Pin and then also became, by his marriage, dauphin of Viennois. He was the son of Albert IV, baron of la Tour-du-Pin, and of Béatrice de Coligny (herself the daughter of Hugh I, lord of Coligny and of Béatrice d'Albon, dauphine of Viennois).

In 1294, Humbert became a vassal of King Philip IV of France in exchange for £500 annual pension, which would give impetus to the acquisition of the Dauphiné, by King Philip VI of France, fifty years later.[1]

In 1273 he married Anne of Burgundy (daughter of Guigues VII of Viennois) - their nine children were:


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