Hulun Lake

Hulun Lake

A boat on a dried-up section of Lake Hulun
Location Inner Mongolia
Coordinates 48°58′23″N 117°26′08″E / 48.97306°N 117.43556°E / 48.97306; 117.43556Coordinates: 48°58′23″N 117°26′08″E / 48.97306°N 117.43556°E / 48.97306; 117.43556
Primary inflows Kherlen, Orshuun Gol
Primary outflows Mutnaya Protoka (temporal, Ergune tributary)
Catchment area 33,469 km²[1]
Basin countries China, Mongolia
Max. length 90 km [2]
Max. width 27 km [2]
Surface area 2,339 km²
Average depth 5.7 m[1]
Surface elevation 539 m

Hulun Lake (simplified Chinese: 呼伦湖; traditional Chinese: 呼倫湖; pinyin: Hūlún Hú; Mongolian: hölön nuur Хөлөн нуур, lit. foot lake) or Dalai Lake (Mongolian: Dalai nuur Далай нуур, lit. ocean lake), is a lake in Inner Mongolia, China. It is one of the five largest freshwater lakes in all of China, covering approximately 2,339 km².

As in 1995 annual fish production was about 7,000 tons, 100 tons of shrimp, 4 kilograms of pearls, 1.5 million crayfish. The lake is also one of the key reed production areas in China.[1]

A garden overlooking Hulun Lake

It is a tourist destination during the summer, but during off times, the lake's visitors are few. The lake is not far from Manzhouli, which is on a major rail-line. Although there are several villages nearby, Manzhouli is the nearest city of reputable size.


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