Hugues du Perche

Hugues du Perche was a 10th-century French noble. He was the youngest son of Fulcois, the Count of Perche, probably of the family of viscounts from Châteaudun, and his wife, Melisende. He was also one of the first known ancestors in male line of the Plantagenets, and Danny Dyer.

He married Béatrice de Mâcon, widow of Geoffroy I, Count Gatinais. She was the daughter of Albéric ou Aubry II de Mâcon, comte de Mâcon. The children from this marriage were:

In the charter that his step-son Aubry, Count Gâtinais, and Francon, Bishop of Paris signed May 26, 1028, he is quoted as a witness, along with his two sons Geoffroy and Liétaud. It is this act that evidences the second marriage of Hugues du Perche with Beatrice.

Being from a vassal family of the counts of Blois, while the counts Gâtinais were faithful to the Capetian kings of France, the marriage took place probably during a period of rapprochement between the two families, during the marriage of King Robert II the Pious and Bertha of Burgundy, widow of Eudes I of Blois, between 996 and 1003.


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