Hugues Lancelot de Lusignan

Hugh Lancelot of Lusignan or Hugues or Hughues Lancelot de Lusignan[1] (died August 1442) was a Greek Cardinal,[2] often known as the Cardinal of Cyprus.

He was Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem 1424, and Archbishop of Nicosia. He was Regent during the captivity of his brother, Janus of Cyprus.

He attended the Council of Basel, and became a supporter of antipope Felix V (Amadeus VIII, Duke of Savoy).[3] As an envoy from the Council and, he presided in 1435 over the Congress of Arras, with Cardinal Niccolò Albergati, the papal legate.[4]

He died at Geneva in August 1442.


His father was James I of Cyprus. His niece, Anne of Lusignan, married Louis, Duke of Savoy, son of Amadeus VIII.[5]


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