Hugh XII of Lusignan

Hugh XII de Lusignan, Hugh VII of La Marche or Hugh III of Angoulême (c. 1235/1240 – after August 25, 1270). He succeeded his father Hugh XI as seigneur of Lusignan, Couhe, and Peyrat, Count of La Marche and Count of Angoulême in 1250.[lower-alpha 1]

He married at Fougères 29 January 1253/4 Jeanne de Fougères (d. aft.1273), daughter of Raoul III, seigneur of Fougères, and Isabelle de Craon. They had six children:


Hugh XII de Lusignan died in 1270 while on Crusade with King Louis IX of France in an early battle of the Eighth Crusade. His eldest son Hugh XIII de Lusignan succeeded him. [lower-alpha 2]


  1. The ancestors of Hugh XI held no Breton titles. The breton entitlements of his mother, Yolande of Brittany as Countess of Penthievre and Countess of Porhoet returned to the House of Dreux, in the name of John I, Duke of Brittany, Yolande's brother and Hugh XII's maternal uncle, upon Yolande's death.
  2. Hugh XII's father, Hugh XI of Lusignan had also died on crusade.


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