Hugh I, Count of Maine

Hugh I was count of Maine (900–933). He succeeded his father as of Count of Maine c.900.


He was the son of Reginald of Neustria, and Rothilde, daughter of Charles the Bald.[1] He succeeded his father c.900.[2] By a marriage of his unnamed sister[lower-alpha 1] to Hugh the Great sometime before 917 Hugh became an ally to the Robertians ending a long period of hostility between them.[3] Around 922, King Charles the Simple withdrew the benefit of the Abbey of Chelles from Rotilde, Hugh's mother and Hugh the Great's mother-in-law, to entrust it to a favorite of his, Hagano.[4] The favoritism shown Hagano caused a great deal of resentment and led, in part, to a revolt against Charles the Simple that placed Robert I of France on the throne.[5] Even after the death of his sister when Hugh the Great married a second time he remained an adherent of the Robertians.


By his unnamed wife, very probably a Rorgonide,[6] he had:


  1. Europäische Stammtafeln Band II, Tafel 10 has the first wife of Hugh the Great as Judith.


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