Hugh II Bardoul, Lord of Broyes

Hugh II Bardoul of Broyes (d. before 1121), son of Barthelemy de Broyes and Elixabeth de Valois (daughter of Raoul III, Count of Valois). Seigneur of Broyes, Beaufort, d'Arc-en-Barrois, and Charmentray. Hugh allegedly attacked that lands of his grandfather Raoul after his death in 1074 with the consent of King Philip, although it seems more likely that the attack was carried out by his father or guardian. Hugh joined with the Lombard contingent on the second wave of the First Crusade, dated to late 1100.

Hugh married Emmeline of Montlhéry, daughter of Milo I of Montlhéry. Hugh and Emmeline had three children:

Hugh’s brother Rainard of Broyes was also a participant in the First Crusade, dying in the siege of Niceae in 1096.


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