Hugh I, Count of Rethel

Hugh I, Count of Rethel
Spouse(s) Melisende of Crécy


Baldwin II
Noble family de Rethel
Father Manasses III, Count of Rethel
Mother Judith of Roucy
Born 1040
Died 1118

Hugh I, Count of Rethel (1040 in Bourg 1118 in Rethel) was a son of Count Manasses III of Rethel and his wife Judith of Roucy. He succeeded his father in 1065 as Count of Rethel.

Hugh married Melisende of Crécy, the daughter of Lord Guy I of Montlhéry.[1] They had the following children:

See also the Houses of Montlhéry and Le Puiset.


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Hugh I, Count of Rethel
Born: 1040 Died: 1118
Preceded by
Manasses III
Count of Rethel
Succeeded by

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