Hubertusburg, Wermsdorf

Hubertusburg is a palace in Saxony, on the western edge of the village of Wermsdorf and midway 6 m. between the towns Oschatz and Grimma.

The main palace was built 1721-1724 for Frederick Augustus I, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, and is given to his son Augustus III in 1724, as a huge hunting lodge. It was often the scene of extravagant parties and festivities. It is famous for the peace treaty signed here, the Treaty of Hubertusburg, on February 15, 1763, which with the Treaty of Paris, ended the Seven Years' War and the French and Indian War.

After a chequered history, in 1911 it served as a lunatic asylum and a training school for nursing sisters. A hospital still exists on the south side of its grounds.

Since the reunification of Germany it is now open to the public as a tourist destination.


    Coordinates: 51°16′39″N 12°56′23″E / 51.27750°N 12.93972°E / 51.27750; 12.93972

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