House of Leo

Leonid dynasty
Leo I 457474
Leo II 474
Zeno 474491
Usurpation of Basiliscus 475476
Anastasius I 491518
Preceded by
Theodosian dynasty
Followed by
Justinian dynasty

The House of Leo ruled the Eastern Roman Empire from 457 to 518 (and varying parts of the Western Roman Empire from 474 to 480).

The emperors of the House of Leo were:

  1. Leo I the Thracian (Valerius Leo) (401–474, ruled 457–474) soldier
  2. Leo II (467–474, ruled 474) grandson of Leo I, son of Zeno
  3. Zeno (425–491, ruled 474–475) son-in-law of Leo I; orig. Tarasicodissa, an Isaurian
  4. Basiliscus ( ? – c. 477, ruled 475–476) usurper; brother-in-law of Leo I
    • Zeno (ruled 476–491) restored
  5. Anastasius I (430–518, ruled 491–518) silentiarius; son-in-law of Leo I, elevated by selection by Zeno's widow Ariadne

Other members of the House of Leo were:

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