Hot Club de Norvège

Hot Club de Norvège

Hot Club de Norvège in 2009.
Background information
Origin Norway
Genres jazz, Django Reinhardt Music
Years active 1979–present
Labels Hot Club Records
Members Jon Larsen
Finn Hauge
Per Frydenlund
Svein Aarbostad
Past members Ivar Brodahl

Hot Club de Norvège is a string Jazz quartet from Norway, established in 1979, by guitar player Jon Larsen with childhood friends Per Frydenlund and Svein Aarbostad (b/poetry).[1]


They are influenced by the music of Hot Club de France, and the French gypsy guitar player Django Reinhardt. They formed a quartet with violinist Ivar Brodahl (1928-2003), later replaced by Finn Hauge, that became part of the international renaissance of the gypsy jazz music in the 1980s.[2]

Hot Club de Norvege have released many CDs, DVDs, and played together with all the gypsy stars in the genre, from Stephane Grappelli to Stochelo Rosenberg and Jimmy Rosenberg,and today they are touring world wide. They have also worked together with several classical music performers, like Nigel Kennedy, Vertavo String Quartet, and many symphony orchestras in Europe.

In 1980 they started the Django Festival in Norway, which has been arranged every year since then.[1]

Band members

Present members
Past members




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