Hooglandse Kerk

Hooglandse Kerk
Basic information
Location Leiden, Netherlands
Geographic coordinates 52° 9′ 29″ N, 4° 29′ 39″ E
Architectural style Gothic architecture
Length 70,7 meters
Width 65,7 meters

Hooglandse Kerk is a Gothic church in Leiden dating from the fifteenth century. The brick church is dedicated to St. Pancras and today serves parishioners of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.


The Bishop of Utrecht ordered the construction of a wooden chapel on December 20, 1314. By 1377 the population and economic prosperity of Leiden called for a larger structure, and construction began on the current structure. The sanctuary was finished in 1391 and the ambulatory in 1415.

Interior of the Hooglandse Kerk

Coordinates: 52°09′29″N 4°29′39″E / 52.15806°N 4.49417°E / 52.15806; 4.49417

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