Honorary César

Honorary César
Country France
Presented by Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma
First awarded 1976
Official website academie-cinema.org

The César Award is France's national film award. Recipients are selected by the members of the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma. The following are the recipients of the Honorary César award since 1976.

Award recipients


Year Recipient Profession Nationality
1976 Bergman, IngridIngrid Bergman Actress  Sweden
Ross, DianaDiana Ross Actress and Singer  United States
1977 Langlois, HenriHenri Langlois (posthumous) Film Archivist and co-founder of the Cinémathèque Française  France
Tati, JacquesJacques Tati Actor, Director and Screenwriter  France
Dorfmann, RobertRobert Dorfmann Film Producer  France
Goscinny, RenéRené Goscinny (posthumous) Writer, Director, Producer and Editor  France
1979 Carné, MarcelMarcel Carné Director and Screenwriter  France
Vanel, CharlesCharles Vanel Actor, Director and Screenwriter  France
Disney, WaltWalt Disney (posthumous) Animator, Director, Screenwriter, Actor and Producer  United States


Year Recipient Profession Nationality
Braunberger, PierrePierre Braunberger Producer, Director and Screenwriter  France
Funès, Louis deLouis de Funès Actor, Screenwriter and Director  France
Douglas, KirkKirk Douglas Actor, Director and Producer  United States
1981 Pagnol, MarcelMarcel Pagnol Director and Screenwriter  France
Resnais, AlainAlain Resnais Director, Editor and Screenwriter  France
Dancigers, GeorgesGeorges Dancigers Film Producer  Russia /  France
Mnouchkine, AlexandreAlexandre Mnouchkine Film Producer  Russia /  France
Nény, JeanJean Nény Sound Engineer  France
Wajda, AndrzejAndrzej Wajda Director and Screenwriter  Poland
, RaimuRaimu (posthumous) Actor  France
1984 Clément, RenéRené Clément Director and Screenwriter  France
Beauregard, Georges deGeorges de Beauregard Film Producer  France
Feuillère, EdwigeEdwige Feuillère Actress and Screenwriter  France
, Christian-JaqueChristian-Jaque Director and Screenwriter  France
Darrieux, DanielleDanielle Darrieux Actress  France
Gouze-Rénal, ChristineChristine Gouze-Rénal Producer and Actress  France
Poiré, AlainAlain Poiré Producer and Screenwriter  France
Jarre, MauriceMaurice Jarre Composer  France
Davis, BetteBette Davis Actress and Producer  United States
Delannoy, JeanJean Delannoy Director, Screenwriter and Producer  France
Ferracci, RenéRené Ferracci (posthumous) Art Director and Poster Designer  France
Lanzmann, ClaudeClaude Lanzmann Director of the documentary feature Shoah  France
1987 Godard, Jean-LucJean-Luc Godard Director, Screenwriter and Actor  France /   Switzerland
Silberman, SergeSerge Silberman Producer and Screenwriter  Russia /  France
1989 Blier, BernardBernard Blier Actor  France
Grimault, PaulPaul Grimault Director, Screenwriter and Actor  France


Year Recipient Profession Nationality
1990 Philipe, GérardGérard Philipe
Actor  France
1991 Aumont, Jean-PierreJean-Pierre Aumont Actor and Screenwriter  France
Loren, SophiaSophia Loren Actress  Italy
1992 Morgan, MichèleMichèle Morgan Actress  France
Stallone, SylvesterSylvester Stallone Actor, Screenwriter, Director and Producer  United States
1993 Marais, JeanJean Marais Actor  France
Mastroianni, MarcelloMarcello Mastroianni Actor  Italy
Oury, GérardGérard Oury Actor, Screenwriter and Director  France
1994 Carmet, JeanJean Carmet Actor and Screenwriter  France
1995 Moreau, JeanneJeanne Moreau Actress, Screenwriter and Director  France
Peck, GregoryGregory Peck Actor and Producer  United States
Spielberg, StevenSteven Spielberg Director, Producer and Screenwriter  United States
1996 Bacall, LaurenLauren Bacall Actress  United States
Verneuil, HenriHenri Verneuil Director, Screenwriter, Actor and Producer  France
1997 Aznavour, CharlesCharles Aznavour Actor, Composer, Singer and Screenwriter  France /  Armenia
MacDowell, AndieAndie MacDowell Actress  United States
1998 Douglas, MichaelMichael Douglas Actor and Producer  United States
Eastwood, ClintClint Eastwood Actor, Director, Producer and Composer  United States
Godard, Jean-LucJean-Luc Godard
(for the second time)
Director, Screenwriter and Actor  France /   Switzerland
1999 Almodóvar, PedroPedro Almodóvar Director, Screenwriter, Actor and Producer  Spain
Depp, JohnnyJohnny Depp Actor and Producer  United States
Rochefort, JeanJean Rochefort Actor  France


Year Recipient Profession Nationality
2000 Balasko, JosianeJosiane Balasko Actress, Screenwriter, Director and Producer  France
Cravenne, GeorgesGeorges Cravenne Journalist, Film Producer and Founder of the César Awards  France
Léaud, Jean-PierreJean-Pierre Léaud Actor  France
Scorsese, MartinMartin Scorsese Director, Producer, Screenwriter and Actor  United States
2001 Cowl, DarryDarry Cowl Actor, Composer, Screenwriter and Director  France
Rampling, CharlotteCharlotte Rampling Actress  United Kingdom
Varda, AgnèsAgnès Varda Director and Screenwriter  France
2002 Aimée, AnoukAnouk Aimée Actress  France
Irons, JeremyJeremy Irons Actor  United Kingdom
Rich, ClaudeClaude Rich Actor and Screenwriter  France
2003 Lafont, BernadetteBernadette Lafont Actress and Director  France
Lee, SpikeSpike Lee Director, Producer, Screenwriter and Actor  United States
Streep, MerylMeryl Streep Actress  United States
2004 Presle, MichelineMicheline Presle Actress  France
2005 Dutronc, JacquesJacques Dutronc Actor, Singer and Composer  France
Smith, WillWill Smith Actor, Producer, Singer and Composer  United States
2006 Grant, HughHugh Grant Actor  United Kingdom
Richard, PierrePierre Richard Actor  France
2007 Jobert, MarlèneMarlène Jobert Actress  France
Law, JudeJude Law Actor, Producer and Director  United Kingdom
2008 Moreau, JeanneJeanne Moreau
(for the second time)
Actress  France
Benigni, RobertoRoberto Benigni Actor and Director  Italy
2009 Hoffman, DustinDustin Hoffman Actor  United States


Year Recipient Profession Nationality
2010 Ford, HarrisonHarrison Ford Actor  United States
2011 Tarantino, QuentinQuentin Tarantino Director, Screenwriter, Executive producer and Actor  United States
2012 Winslet, KateKate Winslet Actress  United Kingdom
2013 Costner, KevinKevin Costner Actor, Director and Producer  United States
2014 Johansson, ScarlettScarlett Johansson Actress  United States
2015 Penn, SeanSean Penn Actor, Director, Screenwriter and Producer  United States
2016 Douglas, MichaelMichael Douglas
(for the second time)
Actor and Producer  United States
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