Honoré I, Lord of Monaco

Honoré I, Lord of Monaco
Spouse(s) Isabella Grimaldi


Noble family Grimaldi
Father Lucien Grimaldi
Mother Jeanne de Pontevès-Cabanes
Born (1522-12-16)16 December 1522
Died 7 October 1581(1581-10-07) (aged 58)

Honoré I (16 December 1522 – 7 October 1581) was Lord of Monaco from 22 August 1523 to 7 October 1581.

Honoré was the youngest child of Lucien Grimaldi (1487–1523) and Jeanne de Pontevès-Cabanes. He became Lord of Monaco at the age of 9 months, upon the assassination of his father on 22 August 1523. A regent was appointed for the young Lord in the form of his uncle, Augustine Grimaldi (1482–1532). Under Honoré’s father, Monaco had been a subject of France and its King, Francis I. Augustine Grimaldi severed this relationship, and in the signing of the Treaties of Burgos and Tordesillas (1524), swore Monaco’s allegiance to Spain, and its King, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Monaco was therefore a protectorate of Spain, allowing the country to focus more on advancing and less on defending. The alliance with Spain would last until 1641, and weigh heavily on the financial situation of Monaco.

Augustine Grimaldi died on 14 April 1532, while Honoré was still a minor, and another regent was chosen for the young Lord. Nicholas Grimaldi held the position of regent for only 9 days. Étienne (Stephen) Grimaldi (died 1561), from Genoa and known as “the Governor”, was chosen as regent on 23 April 1532. Etienne remained regent until 16 December 1540, when Honoré reached his majority, and was responsible for restorations made to the Church of St. Nicholas.

The reign of Honoré I was relatively calm and peaceful, and Honoré was remarkable for his bravery, wisdom and valour.

Marriage & Issue

In 1545 he married Isabella Grimaldi (died 1583). The couple had 4 sons;

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