Hon. Frances Brooke

Frances Brooke

Hon. Frances Brooke (1640 c. 1690) was a British courtier. She was styled Hon. Frances Brooke, and then Lady Whitmore. She was granted the style of a daughter of a baron.[1]

Frances was one of the Windsor Beauties, painted by Sir Peter Lely for Anne Hyde, Duchess of York.[2] Her Daughter Frances was one of the Hampton Court Beauties.


Her father was Sir William Brooke (1601–1643), and her mother was Penelope Hill ( -c.1694).

She first married Sir Thomas Whitmore ( -1682) (married some time before 1665). She then married Matthew Harvey ( -c.1693/94) (married some time after 1682).[3]

Frances had three children with her first husband, Sir Thomas Whitmore:


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