Homestead Records

Homestead Records
Parent company Dutch East India Trading
Founded 1983
Founder Sam Berger
Defunct 1996
Distributor(s) Dutch East India Trading
Genre Alternative rock, punk rock, experimental
Country of origin United States
Location New York City

Homestead Records was a Long Island, New York-based sublabel of music distributor Dutch East India Trading. It was founded in 1984 by Sam Berger, who was the American independent buyer for Dutch East India Trading. Berger was finding that many bands who had perhaps released their own first 45 were having difficulty coming up with the finances to press followups. He was able to convince the owner of the company to press and distribute records for bands that already had recorded an album, and have the bands supply the artwork. It is considered instrumental in launching the post-hardcore and noise rock genres. When Berger left to work with Midnight Records, he recommended 18-year-old Gerard Cosloy, whom he knew from Boston and who published a fanzine that Homestead distributed. Cosloy went on to sign many of the notable acts. Cosloy was succeeded by Ken Katkin and later by Steven Joerg. The label's last release was Ivo Perelman's Cama de terra in 1996.



Release Number Artist Title Format Year Recorded
HMS 001 Blackjacks Basic Blackjacks EP 1984
HMS 002 Salem 66 Salem 66 LP
HMS 003 Dogmatics Thayer St. LP
HMS 004 Great Plains Born In A Barn LP
HMS 005 Windbreakers Terminal LP 1985
HMS 006 Salem 66 Across The Sea 7" 1984
HMS 007 Big Black Racer-X 12"EP/CSEP
HMS 008 Naked Raygun Throb Throb LP/CD/CS 1985
HMS 009 Meatmen War Of The Superbikes LP/CD/CS
HMS 010 Nomads Outburst! LP 1984
HMS 011 Various Artists Speed Trials Compilation LP/CS 1985
HMS 012 Breaking Circus The Very Long Fuse 12"EP
HMS 013 Flies Get Wise LP 1984
HMS 014 Died Pretty Out Of The Unknown 12"EP
HMS 015 Dinosaur Jr Dinosaur LP/CS 1985
HMS 015-2 Dinosaur Jr CD
HMS 016 Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising LP/CD/CS
HMS 017 Swans Raping A Slave 12"EP
HMS 018 One Plus Two The Ivy Room 12"EP
HMS 019 Outnumbered Why Are All The Good People Going Crazy LP 1984
HMS 020 Volcano Suns The Bright Orange Years LP 1985
HMS 021 Sonic Youth Death Valley '69 12"EP
HMS 022 Live Skull Bringing Home the Bait LP
HMS 023 Otto's Chemical Lounge Spillover 12"
HMS 024 U-Men Stop Spinning 12"
HMS 025 Antietam Antietam LP
HMS 026 Nick Cave The Firstborn Is Dead LP/CD/CS
HMS 027 SSD Break It Up LP
HMS 028 Squirrel Bait Squirrel Bait 12"EP/CDEP
HMS 029 Nick Cave Tupelo 12"EP
HMS 030 Salem 66 A Ripping Spin LP/CS
HMS 031 Green River Come On Down LP/CD/CS
HMS 032 Dinosaur Jr Repulsion 7"
HMS 033 Dredd Foole & The Din Eat My Dust LP
HMS 034 Wombats Mud Puddles LP 1986
HMS 035 Bloodsport I Am The Game LP 1985
HMS 036 Sorry The Way It Is LP
HMS 037 The Proletariat Marketplace 7"
HMS 038 Nomads She Pays The Rent 12"
HMS 039 Death Of Samantha Strungout On Jargon LP
HMS 040 Salem 66 Love & Truth 7"
HMS 041 Foetus Nail LP/CD/CS
HMS 042 Big Black Il Duce 7"
HMS 043 Atomizer LP/CS 1986
HMS 044 The Hammer Party LP/CD/CS
HMS 045 Naked Raygun All Rise LP/CD/CS
HMS 046 Flies Get Burned LP 1985
HMS 047 Sonic Youth Flower 12"EP 1986
HMS 048 Great Plains Naked At The Buy, Sell And Trade LP 1985
HMS 049 Dogmatics Everybody Does It LP 1986
HMS 050 One Plus Two Once In A Blue Moon LP
HMS 051 Outnumbered Holding The Grenade Too Long LP 1985
HMS 052 The Proletariat Indifference LP/CS
HMS 053 Beat Temptation Concerned About Rock Music LP
HMS 054 Micronotz 40 Fingers LP 1986
HMS 055 Uzi Sleep Asylum 12"EP
HMS 056 Live Skull Cloud One LP/CS
HMS 057 Volcano Suns Sea Cruise 7"
HMS 058 Phantom Tollbooth Valley Of The Gwangi 7"
HMS 059 Antietam Until Now 7"
HMS 060 Big Black 5 Song Promo 12"EP
HMS 061 Squirrel Bait Kid Dynamite 7"
HMS 062 Not Released
HMS 063 Einsturzende Neubauten Strategies Against Architecture LP/CD/CS 1984
HMS 064 Nick Cave The Singer 12"EP 1986
HMS 065 Kicking Against The Pricks LP/CD/CS
HMS 066 Reactions Cracked Marbles EP
HMS 067 Phantom Tollbooth Phantom Tollbooth LP
HMS 068 Antietam Music From Elba LP
HMS 069 GG Allin You Give Love A Bad Name LP/CS 1987
HMS 070 Volcano Suns All Night Lotus Party LP/CS 1986
HMS 071 Death Of Samantha Laughing In The Face Of A Dead Man LP
HMS 072 Squirrel Bait Skag Heaven LP/CD/CS 1987
HMS 073 Nick Cave Your Funeral ... My Trial LP/CD/CS 1986
HMS 074 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Cutdown 12"EP
HMS 075 Breaking Circus The Ice Machine LP
HMS 076 Membranes Songs Of Love & Fury LP
HMS 077 Big Dipper Boo-Boo LP/CS 1987
HMS 078 Salem 66 Frequency And Urgency LP/CS
HMS 079 Various Artists The Wailing Ultimate Compilation LP/CD/CS
HMS 080 Live Skull Pusherman 12"EP 1986
HMS 081 Phantom Tollbooth One Way Conversation LP/CS 1987
HMS 082 Lorries Crawling Mantra 12"EP/CSEP
HMS 083 Live Skull Don't Get Any On You LP/CS 1986
HMS 084 Nice Strong Arm Reality Bath LP/CS 1987
HMS 085 Happy Flowers My Skin Covers My Body LP/CS
HMS 086 Big Dipper Heavens LP/CD/CS
HMS 087 Volcano Suns Bumper Crop LP/CD/CS
HMS 088 Verlaines Juvenilia LP/CS
HMS 089 Membranes Time Warp 1991 12"EP
HMS 090 Live Skull Dusted LP/CD/CS
HMS 091 Salem 66 Your Soul Is Mine, Fork It Over CD
HMS 092 Breaking Circus Smoker's Paradise 12"EP/CSEP
HMS 093 Great Plains Sum Things Up LP/CS
HMS 094 Salem 66 Natural Disasters, Natural Treasures LP/CD/CS 1988
HMS 095 Verlaines Bird Dog LP/CD/CS 1987
HMS 096 Phantom Tollbooth Power Toy LP/CD/CS 1988
HMS 097 Big Dipper All Going Out Together 12"EP 1987
HMS 098 Nice Strong Arm Secret Language 7" 1988
HMS 099 GG Allin Expose Yourself To Kids 7"
HMS 100 Various Artists Human Music Compilation 2xLP/CD/CS
HMS 101 Honor Role Craig Olive 7"
HMS 102 Rictus LP/CS 1989
HMS 103 Chills Brave Words LP/CD/CS 1987
HMS 104 Nice Strong Arm Mind Furnace LP/CD/CS 1988
HMS 105 Happy Flowers They Cleaned My Cut Out With A Wirebrush 7"
HMS 106 I Crush Bozo LP/CS
HMS 107 GG Allin Freaks, Faggots, Drunks And Junkies LP/CD/CS
HMS 108 Membranes Kiss Ass Godhead LP/CS
HMS 109 My Dad Is Dead Let's Skip The Details LP/CD/CS
HMS 110 Beat Happening Beat Happening/Screaming Trees 12"EP
HMS 111 Bastro Rode Hard And Put Up Wet LP/CD/CS
HMS 112 Chills The Lost 12"EP/CDEP/CSEP 1985
HMS 113 Tall Dwarfs Hello Cruel World LP/CD/CS 1988
HMS 114 Clean Compilation LP/CD/CS 1986
HMS 115 Ex Aural Guerilla LP 1988
HMS 116 Not Released
HMS 117-1/2 or
HMS 155-1/2
Daniel Johnston Continued Story/Hi, How Are You? LP/CD/CS 1989
HMS 118 Not Released
HMS 119 Gibson Bros. Big Pine Boogie LP/CS 1987
HMS 120 Rhys Chatham Die Donnergotter LP
HMS 121 Death Of Samantha Where The Women Wear The Glory And The Men Wear The Pants LP/CD 1988
HMS 122 Big Dipper Craps LP/CD/CS
HMS 123 Phantom Tollbooth Daylight In The Quiet LP/CS 1990
HMS 124 The Flesh Eaters Live LP/CD 1988
HMS 125 Giant Sand The Love Songs LP/CD/CS
HMS 126 Various Artists Soluble Fish, A Chemical Imbalance Lo-Fi Compilation CD/CS 1992
HMS 127 My Dad Is Dead Best Defense LP/CS 1988
HMS 128 Giant Sand Christmas Everyday 7" 1989
HMS 129 Great Plains Exercise 7"
HMS 130 Fish & Roses We Are Happy To Serve You LP
HMS 131 Bastro Shoot Me A Deer 7"
HMS 132 Diablo Guapo LP/CD/CS
HMS 133 Peter Stampfel And The Bottlecaps The People's Republic Of Rock 'n' Roll LP
HMS 134 Giant Sand Giant Sandwich LP/CD/CS
HMS 135 Happy Flowers BB Gun 7"
HMS 136 Oof LP/CD/CS
HMS 137 Too Many Bunnys, Not Enough Mittens CD
HMS 138 Verlaines Hallelujah All The Way Home LP/CD/CS 1985
HMS 139 Chills The Kaleidoscope World LP/CD/CS 1986
HMS 140 OWT Good As Gold LP 1989
HMS 141 Gibson Bros. Dedicated Fool LP/CS
HMS 142 Daniel Johnston Yip/Jump Music 2xLP/CD/CS
HMS 143 Tall Dwarfs Weeville LP/CD/CS 1990
HMS 144 Pastels Sittin' Pretty LP/CD/CS 1989
HMS 145 Sebadoh The Freed Man LP/CS
HMS 146 My Dad Is Dead The Taller You Are The Shorter You Get LP/CD/CS
HMS 147 Nice Strong Arm Cloud Machine 12"EP
HMS 148 Giant Sand Long Stem Rant LP/CD/CS
HMS 149 Death Of Samantha Rosenberg Summer 7"
HMS 150 Come All Ye Faithless LP/CD/CS
HMS 151 Nice Strong Arm Stress City LP/CD/CS 1990
HMS 152 Salem 66 Down The Primrose Path LP/CD
HMS 153 Lovechild Okay? LP/CD/CS 1991
HMS 154 Gibson Bros. & Workdogs & Barry Hayden Punk Rock Truck Driving Song Of A Gun LP/CS 1990
HMS 155 Not Released or Daniel Johnston
(see HMS 117)
HMS 156 Cakekitchen Time Floating Backwards LP/CD/CS 1991
HMS 157 Seam Days Of Thunder 7"
HMS 158-1 Sebadoh Weed Forestin' LP/CS 1990
HMS 158-2 Freed Weed CD
HMS 159 Happy Flowers Call Me Pudge 7"
HMS 160 Lasterday I Been Bad LP/CD/CS
HMS 161-2 Flowers on 45:HMS Singles CD/CS 1992
HMS 161-7 Peel Session 7" 1991
HMS 162 Verlaines Some Disenchanted Evening LP/CD/CS 1989
HMS 163 Gibson Bros. The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing LP/CD/CS 1990
HMS 164 Bastro Sing The Troubled Beast LP/CD/CS 1991
HMS 165 Sebadoh Gimme Indie Rock 7"
HMS 166 Weird Paul Petroskey Lo Fidelity Hi Anxiety LP/CD/CS
HMS 167 King Kong Old Man On The Bridge LP/CD/CS
HMS 168 Sebadoh III 2xLP/CD/CS
HMS 169 Frogs It's Only Right And Natural LP/CD/CS 1989
HMS 170 Gibson Bros. Mean Mistreater 7" 1992
HMS 171 Flying Saucer Plastic Fruit 7" 1991
HMS 172 Mad Scene The Falling Over, Spilling Over 7" 1992
HMS 173 Styrenes It's Artastic CD 1991
HMS 174 Electric Eels God Says Fuck You CD 1992
HMS 175 Lovechild Six Of One 7" 1991
HMS 176 Cakekitchen World Of Sand CD/CS 1992
HMS 177 Seam Headsparks LP/CD/CS
HMS 178 Bratmobile Kiss And Ride 7"
HMS 179 Tsunami Geniuses Of Crack 7" 1991
HMS 180 Dentists Dressed CD/CS 1992
HMS 181 Paul K & The Weathermen The Blue Sun CD/CS
HMS 182 Not Released
HMS 183 Bodeco Bone Hair & Hide LP/CD 1992
HMS 184 Unrest Bavarian Mods And Other Hits 7"
HMS 185 Lovechild Witchcraft LP/CD/CS
HMS 186 Graverobbers Mark Robinson 7"
HMS 187 Dentists See No Evil 7"
HMS 188 Smack Dab Lucky 7"
HMS 189 Queen Crab CD/CS
HMS 190 Trumans Water Our Scars Like Badges 7"
HMS 191 Hedonists Know Your Angers Name 7"
HMS 192 Trumans Water Of Thick Tum LP/CD
HMS 193 Godspeed The Hemorrrhage LP 1994
HMS 194 Babe the Blue Ox Box CD 1993
HMS 195 Chickenhead Bonesucker 7" 1992
HMS 196 Bodeco Suicide Ride 'Live' 7"
HMS 197 Bull Gordon Zone CD 1993
HMS 198 Cakekitchen Far From The Sun CD
HMS 199 Trumans Water Spasm Smash XXXOXOX Ox & Ass CD
HMS 200 Not Released
HMS 201 Table Spindrift 7" 1993
HMS 202 Elliott Sharp/Carbon Truthtable CD
HMS 203 Dentists Powdered Lobster Fiasco CD
HMS 204 Cheshire Cheshire 7"
HMS 205 Supreme Dicks The Unexamined Life CD 1993
HMS 206 Blunderbuss Road To Arizona 7"
HMS 207 New Radiant Storm King Rival Time CD
HMS 208 Caspar Brotzmann Massaker Koksofen CD
HMS 209 Trumans Water Godspeed The Punchline LP/CD 1994
HMS 210 Tara Key Bourbon County CD 1993
HMS 211 Babe the Blue Ox J'Mapelle Babe CD
HMS 212 Smack Dab Majestic Root CD 1994
HMS 213 Pony Cosmovalidator LP/CD
HMS 214 Sleepyhead Starduster LP/CD
HMS 215 Elliot Sharp/Terraplane Terraplane CD
HMS 216 William Hooker Radiation CD
HMS 217 Babe the Blue Ox Color Me Babe CD
HMS 218 Antietam Rope-A-Dope CD
HMS 219 Blunderbuss Conspiracy LP/CD 1995
HMS 220 David S. Ware Quartet Cryptology CD 1994
HMS 221 Trumans Water Milktrain to Paydirt LP/CD 1995
HMS 222 Tara Key Ear And Echo CD
HMS 223 William Hooker Armageddon CD
HMS 224 Sleepyhead I Love You the Rain 7"
HMS 225 Soul-Junk 1945 7" 1994
HMS 226 Stratotanker Baby, Test the Sky CD 1995
HMS 227-1 Soul-Junk 1952 part 2 LP 1994
HMS 227-2 1952 CD
HMS 228 Sleepyhead Communist Love Songs CD 1996
HMS 229 Supreme Dicks The Emotional Plague CD
HMS 230 David S. Ware Quartet DAO CD 1995
HMS 231 William Parker Compassion Seizes Bed-Stuy CD 1996
HMS 232 Hoosegow Mighty CD
HMS 233 Joe Morris Elsewhere CD
HMS 234 Falstaff Falstaff II CD
HMS 235 Pony El Dorado CD
HMS 236 Soul-Junk 1953 CD
HMS 237 Ivo Perelman Cama de Terra CD
HMS 238 Stratotanker Gambit CD
F-UK-U3 Cannibals Trash For Cash MLP 1985

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