Location in Maré Island

Coordinates: 21°26′18″S 167°51′46″E / 21.43833°S 167.86278°E / -21.43833; 167.86278Coordinates: 21°26′18″S 167°51′46″E / 21.43833°S 167.86278°E / -21.43833; 167.86278
Territory  New Caledonia, France
Province Loyalty Islands Province
Commune Maré
Time zone UTC+11

Hnawayaca is a village in northwestern Maré Island, in the Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia.[1] It lies west by road from Wakuarori, northeast of Padawa and south of Roh.[2]The villagers are notable performers of the Drui dance.[3]


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