Rousse Regional Historical Museum

The Battenberg Palace which hosts the museum as of 2006

The Rousse Regional Historical Museum is one of the 11 regional museums of Bulgaria. It acts within the Rousse, Razgrad, and Silistra regions. The museum occuipies the building of the former Battenberg Palace, previously a local court, built 1879–1882 by Friedrich Grünanger.

The Rousse Regional Historical Museum was established in 1904. Its basis are the archeological collections of Karel and Hermenguild Shkorpil, as well as of the naturalist Vasil Kovachev, which were gathered in the "Knyaz Boris" men's high school of Rousse.

The museum holds approximately 140,000 items, including:

The museum features seven full-time exhibitions, three of them being open-air:



  1. "The unique in Europe whole jaw of a Mammuthus rumanus shown publicly" (in Bulgarian).
  2. "The museum now owns a helmet from the time of Alexander the Great" (in Bulgarian).

Coordinates: 43°50′38.50″N 25°56′52″E / 43.8440278°N 25.94778°E / 43.8440278; 25.94778

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