His Imperial Majesty's Own Chancellery

His Imperial Majesty's Own Chancery or H.I.M. Own Chancery (Russian: Собственная Его Императорского Величества канцелярия, Собственная Е.И.В. канцелярия) began as personal chancery of Pavel I and grew into a kind of regent's office, run by Count Arakcheyev from 1815 and until the death of Alexander I of Russia.

Under Nicholas I, the Chancery was transformed into a large administrative body, on par with the Committee of Ministers and the Governing Senate. Since 1826, the Chancery was divided into several sections (sl. otdeleniye):

Starting with 1880, the latter five sections were transferred to the corresponding Ministries and in 1882 the First Section effectively became the Cancellery itself, serving as personal office of the Tsar again.

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