Hillview, Waterford

Hillview (Irish: Radharc an Chnoic) is a fairly large housing estate in Waterford, Ireland. The estate holds approximately 2000 residents and is one of the largest suburban housing estates in Waterford. The entrance to Hillview is centered on the Kyle Curran[1] pitch, named after a young Hillview resident who was murdered at a young age back in the late 1980s and the Roanmore/De La Salle GAA pitches.

Criminal activity

The suburban area of Hillview has been linked to numerous criminal organisations located within Waterford. Numerous investigations have been carried out into the discharge of firearms.[2] While Gardaí investigations into the criminal organisations active within the estate have ultimately revealed little into the extent of their activities (thought to extend from drug dealing to burglary [3]).


Lower Hillview was historically surrounded by fielded areas - including Witches Lane, The Nettle Camp, The Corn Field and the Wasteland. Local youth in the late 1980s and 90's found refuge in these areas. Expanded development in the early part of the 21st century saw removal of these areas due to construction of further housing estates in the Grace Dieu region. Some residents felt the development of council estates alongside Hillview might devalue the property prices associated with the area. The subsequent 9 ft wall dividing the estates cut Hillview from accessing the banks of the River Suir and the Grace Dieu area. Many of the original residents left after the estate lost its proximity to the countryside.


Hillview is divided into street sections, including Oak Drive, Oak Avenue, Oak Grove, Oak Close, Pinewood Drive, Pinewood Avenue, Chestnut Green, Crescent Drive and Hawthorn Drive. Each drive has a green area for walking dogs and for children to play in.


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