Hildelith Cumming

Dame Hildelith Cumming (1909 – 1991) was a British nun and musician. Born as Barbara Theresa Cumming, she was a convert to the Roman Catholic faith.

She was head printer for Stanbrook Abbey from 1956 until her death in 1991. She is considered responsible for earning the Stanbrook Abbey Press a sterling reputation as an excellent private press.

By 1952 the Abbey's Press, the oldest private press in England, was in decline. In 1955 Cumming became the head printer. Under her leadership the Press flourished. She sought the assistance and advice of others such as Sir Sydney Cockerell, John Dreyfus, and typographer Jan van Krimpen. She also hired Margaret Adams, a laywoman who happened to be a talented calligrapher and gilder. Dame Felicitas Corrigan was also a printer at Stanbrook Abbey.

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