Hilarion Vendégou

Hilarion Vendégou
High Chief of the Isle of Pines
Assumed office
26 September 1974 1
Preceded by Barthélémy Vendégou
Mayor of L'Île-des-Pins
Assumed office
Preceded by Samuel Vendégou
Constituency 1st
Personal details
Born 4 September 1941
Isle of Pines, New Caledonia
Citizenship  French
Nationality  New Caledonian
Political party The Rally-UMP
Other political
Union for a Popular Movement
Tribe Vao

1 Formally enthroned 7 July 1979

Hilarion Tumi Vendégou (born 4 September 1941, Isle of Pines) is the present high chief of the Isle of Pines, in New Caledonia, and the incumbent mayor the commune. He was recognised as grand chef in 1974, but, due to a violent succession dispute with his relative Jean-Marie Vendégou, was not formally enthroned until later, on 7 July 1979.[1] He is also the incumbent mayor of the island commune, until 2014.


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