Arkansas Highway 25

Highway 25 marker

Highway 25
Route information
Maintained by AHTD
Length: 85.66 mi (137.86 km)
Existed: 1926 – present
Major junctions
South end: US 64, Conway
  US 65, Greenbrier
AR 5, Heber Springs
US 167, Batesville
North end: US 63 / US 412, Black Rock
Counties: Faulkner, Cleburne, Independence, Lawrence
Highway system
AR 24AR 26

Arkansas Highway 25 is a northeast–southwouthwest state highway in north central Arkansas. The route runs 85.66 miles (137.86 km) from US 64 in Conway to US 63/412 in Black Rock through Greers Ferry, Batesville, and the foothills of The Ozarks.[1][2][3][4]

Route description

Highway 25 runs north in Conway

AR 25 begins in Conway at US 64. Near Conway, it is strictly a local route with no direct access to Interstate 40. A I-40 exit west of AR 25 is marked as AR 25 North, but the road serving it is officially called US 64 Spur; its junction with US 64 is 0.7 mile west of AR 25.[1][5]

From Conway, the road runs north to Wooster, where it turns northeast, meeting US 65 in Greenbrier. The route overlaps US 65 for several miles north of Greenbrier, then continues northeast, meeting AR 107 and AR 225 before entering Quitman. AR 25 continues diagonally northeast, meeting AR 16 and Little Rock Road near Heber Springs. A business loop and two spur routes both serve Heber Springs. AR 25 continues north with AR 5, a partnership named Heber Springs Road, until AR 5 departs at Wolf Bayou. AR 87 joins AR 25 in nearby Concord.

Entering Independence County, AR 25 meets AR 14 in Locust Grove. The route meets US 167 just north of the Batesville Municipal Airport in south Batesville. In central Batesville, AR 25 (here concurrent with US 167) meets AR 69 before exiting town headed due east. AR 122 meets AR 25 near Cord, after which it begins heading north. AR 25 runs north until AR 230 in Strawberry, followed by a meeting and concurrency with AR 361 from Lynn to Black Rock. In Black Rock, AR 25 ends at US 63 and US 412.

Except where it coincides with U.S. 65 at Greenbrier and U.S. Highway 167 at Batesville (both undivided four-lane segments), and certain passing lanes, (mostly between Greenbrier and Heber Springs), it is entirely a two-lane highway. This hilly, curvy road is useful for those seeking the towns and recreational areas along it, mainly in the Greers Ferry Lake area.


The segment between Conway and Wooster is a former route of U.S. 65.

Before 1982 it included an east–west highway between U.S. Highway 63 approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) southeast of Portia, Arkansas and the Missouri state line, where it continued into Missouri. In 1982 this road was redesignated as the anomalous U.S. Highway 412. Major towns along the road include Walnut Ridge and Paragould. This section through the cotton country of eastern Arkansas was flat and largely straight, except where it passed through Crowley's Ridge west of Paragould. Its eastern terminus was then the Missouri state line at the St. Francis River, where it continued as Missouri Route 25 toward Kennett, Missouri.

Some sources continue to claim that Highway 25 ends at US 67/AR 34 at Walnut Ridge. Though this was the original west end of U.S. 412 when established in 1982 from Highway 25 east of Walnut Ridge, it was later extended west across Arkansas along the former Black Rock-Walnut Ridge segment of Highway 25 (including its concurrency with U.S. 63 from Black Rock to Portia), thus truncating Highway 25 at Black Rock where it meets the present U.S. 63-412 concurrency.[4][6]

Major intersections

FaulknerConway US 64 to I-40 Conway, Morrilton
Wooster AR 285 north – Shady Grove
Greenbrier US 65 south ConwaySouth end of US 65 overlap
AR 225 (Main Street)
AR 285 Woolly Hollow State Park
US 65 north Harrison, Buffalo National RiverNorth end of US 65 overlap
Quitman AR 107 south Enola
Cleburne AR 124 west to US 65 – GravesvilleSouth end of AR 124 overlap
AR 356 west to AR 225 Greers Ferry, Morganton
AR 124 east Rose BudNorth end of AR 124 overlap
AR 107 south to AR 124 Rose Bud
AR 16 west Higden, Fairfield Bay, Greers FerrySouth end of AR 16 overlap
AR 107 north to AR 110 – Eden Isle
AR 5 south Rose BudSouth end of AR 5 overlap
AR 16 east Pangburn, SearcyNorth end of AR 16 overlap
AR 25B north (Heber Springs Road) Heber Springs Business District
AR 337 south
Heber Springs AR 110 (Wilburn Rd) Heber Springs Business District, Wilburn, ASU-Heber Springs
AR 25B south (Heber Springs Road) Heber Springs Business District
Greers Ferry Dam across the Little Red River
Tumbling Shoals AR 25S (Old Highway 25)
Drasco AR 92 west Greers Ferry
Wolf Bayou AR 5 north Mountain ViewNorth end of AR 5 overlap
Concord AR 87 south
IndependenceLocust Grove AR 14 west Mountain View, Ozark Folk Center, Blanchard Springs CavernsSouth end of AR 14 overlap
AR 230 east
Dennison Heights US 167 south / AR 14 east Newport, Bald KnobNorth end of AR 14 overlap; south end of US 167 overlap
Batesville AR 69 south / AR 69B north (East Harrison Street) – Business DistrictSouth end of AR 69 overlap
AR 233 north (East Main Street) Lyon College, Batesville Business District, Historical District
AR 69 north (Barnett Drive) Cushman, MelbourneNorth end of AR 69 overlap
US 167 north (North St. Louis Street) / AR 69S north (White Drive) Cave City, MelbourneNorth end of US 167 overlap
AR 233 Cave City, Batesville
AR 233 south (Mack Street) Moorefield
AR 25S south Charlotte
AR 122 west Cord
LawrenceSaffell AR 361 north
Strawberry AR 117 north / AR 230 west – Jesup, Cave City
Lynn AR 361 south Saffell, Shirey Bay Rainey Brake WMA
Lake Charles State Park (AR 600)
Powhatan AR 117S Smithville
Black Rock AR 117 south Black Rock, Davidsonville Historic State Park
US 63 / US 412 Hoxie, Imboden
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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