Higashi-Kohama Station

Higashi-Kohama Station
Location Sumiyoshi, Osaka, Osaka
Operated by Hankai Tramway
Line(s) Hankai Line
Opened 1911

Higashi-Kohama Station (東粉浜駅 Higashi-Kohama Eki) is a station in Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, Japan on the Hankai Tramway Hankai Line. The station is about 10m east from Kohama Station on the Nankai Main Line.


Station and platforms

In order to handle two trains simultaneously, Higashi-Kohama Station is a single island platform with a track on each side.


The Sumiyoshi Higashi-Kohama Post Office is located about 100m southwest of Higashi-Kohama Station. Osaka Municipal Higashi-Kohama Elementary School is about 200m northeast of the station, with Sumiyoshi Junior High School and Sumiyoshi Elementary School just beyond that. Japan National Route 26 is accessible about 300m west of the station, and Osaka Prefectural Route 5 (Osaka-Kōyao Route) is about 550m north.

Connecting service

In addition to the Hankai Line, Higashi-Kohama Station is served by the Osaka Shiei Red Bus.

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Coordinates: 34°37′6.1″N 135°29′33.6″E / 34.618361°N 135.492667°E / 34.618361; 135.492667

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