Hieronymus Wierix

Adam and Eve after Durer

Hieronymus Wierix (15531619) was a Flemish engraver and member of the Antwerp Wierix family who made engravings after well-known artists, including Albrecht Dürer.


Wierix was born and died in Antwerp. According to Cornelis de Bie's book of artist biographies Het Gulden Cabinet he and his brothers Jan and Antoine were all engravers.[1] His pupils were Abraham van Merlen, Jan Baptist van den Sande the elder, and Jacob de Weert.[2] His daughter Christina married the engraver Jan-Baptist Barbé, who later had his other daughter Cecilia (his sister-in-law) declared insane in order to claim her inheritance, a set of Dürer drawings.[2]

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1584 Artwork by Hieronymus Wierix.
Hieronymus Wierix image circa 1593.
Hieronymus Wierix engraving. Evangelicae historiae imagines (1593)


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