Hieronim Augustyn Lubomirski

Hieronim Augustyn Lubomirski
Coat of arms Lubomirski
Consort Konstancja Bokum


Family Lubomirski
Father Jerzy Sebastian Lubomirski
Mother Konstancja Ligęza
Born 1648
Died April 20, 1706(1706-04-20)

Prince Hieronim Augustyn Lubomirski (16481706) was a Polish noble (szlachcic), magnate, politician and outstanding military commander. He was a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire SRI.

Son of Grand Marshal and Hetman Jerzy Sebastian Lubomirski and Konstancja Ligęza. He married Konstancja Bokum c. 1694.

He was owner of Wiśnicz, Jarosław and Rzeszów. Commendatory abbot of Płock, Knight of Malta, Great Chorąży of the Crown since 1676, Court Marshal of the Crown since 1683, Grand Podskarbi of the Crown since 1692, voivode of Kraków Voivodeship, Field Crown Hetman, castellan of Kraków and Great Crown Hetman since 1702.

Under the command of Jan Sobieski he fought against Tatars and Turks and participated in the expedition and siege of Chocim in 1673. He refused to join the "Lubomirski Rokosz" of his father in 16651666.

As Marshal he led the ordinary Sejm on January 10 – May 21, 1681.

He took part in the Vienna expedition in 1683 and become famous for his courage at the Battle of Vienna. He also participated in following campaigns in Hungary.

In the Kings election of 1697, he backed up the candidature of Prince Conti for the Polish throne.

He supported the Warsaw Confederation in 1704 against August II and the proclamation of interregnum, in the hope that he would gain the Polish crown, with the help of Sweden. He went into retirement from political activity, after the election of Stanisław Leszczyński.



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