Hidden (2009 film)


Promotional poster
Directed by Pål Øie
Produced by Jan Aksel Angeltvedt
Written by Pål Øie
Starring Kristoffer Joner
Karin Park
Bjarte Hjelmeland
Cinematography Sjur Aarthun
Edited by Lars Apneseth
Alligator Film
Film Fund FUZZ
Distributed by Sandrew Metronome Norge
Alligator Film
After Dark Films
Release dates
  • 3 April 2009 (2009-04-03)
Running time
96 minutes
Country Norway
Language Norwegian
Budget 12.6 million Norwegian Krone[1]

Hidden (Norwegian: Skjult) is a 2009 Norwegian psychological horror film written and directed by Pål Øie,[2] which stars Kristoffer Joner, Karin Park and Bjarte Hjelmeland.[3]


A small boy runs as fast as he can through a pitch-dark forest. Blinded by fear, the kid runs across a forest road without seeing the trailer truck coming. The truck misses the boy, with the driver starting to lose control of the vehicle. This triggers a chain reaction that leaves another boy without his family, who are killed when the trailer crashes into their car.

After his mother's death, KK (Kai Koss) returns to his hometown to settle her affairs. He has been away for 19 years, trying to escape and forget about his mother's cruel treatment of him. He soon realizes that he can't outrun his past. Various visions of past haunt the protagonist as he visits his ancestral house. At one point he decides to burn the house, but is deferred by the local police women. In the final cathresis of the protagonist he pushes his diabolic half burned brother Peter off the waterfall. In the end: Police arrests KK for various murders which seem to have been committed by the alter ego Peter. Audience is left with the question of whether Peter is real or just a manifestation of KK's mangled distorted past.



Hidden was produced by Alligator in Bergen,[4] the movie budget was slated by 12.6 million Norwegian krone.[5]


The film has received international attention as one of the featured films of the After Dark Horrorfest 4[6] and will run on 29 January 2010.[7] The other seven films which run at After Dark Horrorfest are Dread, The Graves, Lake Mungo, ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction, The Final, The Reeds and Kill Theory.[8]


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