Hey Mercedes

Hey Mercedes
Origin Milwaukee/Illinois, United States
Genres Emo, alternative rock, pop punk,[1] indie rock
Years active 1999–2005, 2007, 2016
Associated acts Braid
Website heymercedes.com
Past members Bob Nanna
Todd Bell
Mark Dawursk
Damon Atkinson
Mike Shumaker

Hey Mercedes is a band from Milwaukee, WI/Chicago, IL, USA.


Early years, two albums and break-up (1999–2005)

The group formed in 1999/2000 after the dissolution of Braid. The band consisted of Bob Nanna on guitar and vocals, Todd Bell on bass and vocals, Mark Dawursk on guitar and vocals and Damon Atkinson on drums. Hey Mercedes proved a more melodic antidote to the previous band.

Hey Mercedes had their first practice session in April 2000.[2] Their first release was a self-titled EP on Polyvinyl Records in September 2000.[3] Soon after its release, they signed to Vagrant Records and started touring for support of their upcoming Vagrant full length. In 2001 alone, they performed 114 shows.[4] In October 2001, the band released Everynight Fire Works.[3]

After writing the majority of the band's EP and first full length at the end of 2001, Dawursk left the band and was replaced with Mike Shumaker. The band released Loses Control in October 2003.[5]

With 2 full lengths, 3 EPs and 358 shows under their belt, Hey Mercedes called it quits. Their final show (#359) was at the Metro in Chicago on April 23 of 2005.[4]

Post-break up (2006–present)

In a 2007 e-mail campaign, Threadless Tees reported that Hey Mercedes would play at the Metro, to celebrate the grand opening of the company's Chicago store [6] They group performed two shows in September.[7] The band remains inactive, but plays occasional shows.[8]

In early 2009 lead singer Nanna confirmed via Twitter that a new band with drummer Atkinson is in the works. The band will be somewhat the same style as Hey Mercedes.[9]

In 2016, it was announced that the band would perform at the Wrecking Ball festival in Atlanta, Georgia.[10]



EPs and singles


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