Het Klokhuis

Klokhuis (Dutch for 'apple core') is an educational show for early teenagers produced by Omroep NTR of the Netherlands. The show started in 1988. It is broadcast every weekday at 18:25 on Nederland 3 and lasts about 15 minutes. The subjects vary wildly, but often use an angle that is uncommon in other shows, which also makes it popular with adults. Quite often, factories are visited, where a complete production process is explained. The serious parts are interspersed with sketches, which sometimes have aspects that only adults would understand, whilst still remaining funny for children. After 25 years, almost everybody in the Netherlands knows the show and a generation grew up with it. It has become a so-called institution, which not many tv-programs have achieved.

In 1990 there were plans to discontinue the show due to high cost, but after protests and even questions asked in parliament, it was decided to keep the show. In a later year, a bill was made to discontinue the NPS per 2008 which endangered the show again. But the fall of the Dutch parliament on June 30, 2006 put a halt to this and the show continued running.

In 2013 Klokhuis existed for 25 years. For this occasion, the viewers were asked to vote for their favorite episode, to create a top ten with the best episode. This top ten was broadcast in a special three-hour-lasting episode. After this episode there was a live show, in which guests who had made, presented or cooperated with Klokhuis were interviewed live.

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