Herman IV, Margrave of Baden

Hermann IV, Margrave of Baden (1135 – September 13, 1190) was titular Margrave of Verona and Margrave of Baden from 1160.

He was the son of Hermann III and Bertha of Lorraine, daughter of Simon I of Lorraine. Around 1162 he was married to Bertha (died February 24, 1169), the daughter of Count Palatine Ludwig of Tübingen.

Together with Emperor Frederick I, Hermann took part in the siege and destruction of Milan. From 1176 to 1178 he was a member of Frederick's Italian campaign, and was a participant in the battle of Legnano in 1176. Hermann was a guarantor in the peace of Constance in 1183, in which the cities of Lombardy became independent.

Hermann was a participant of the Third Crusade, and died in 1190 in the Holy Land, near Antioch



Preceded by
Hermann III of Baden
Margrave of Baden
Succeeded by
Hermann V of Baden
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