Herennia Etruscilla

Antoninianus of Herennia Etruscilla.
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Annia Cupressenia Herennia Etruscilla was Augusta (Sept. 249 – Jun. 251) of the Roman Empire, wife of Emperor Decius, and mother of Emperors Herennius Etruscus and Hostilian.[1]

As with most third-century Roman Empresses, very little is known about her. Probably of senatorial family, she became regent on her son Hostilian, when Decius and Herennius were defeated and killed in the Battle of Abrittus to sink into obscurity after her husband and sons perished. It is assumed that her ancestors settled in Etrurian lands.[2] Herennia married Decius probably before 230[2] and gained the title Augusta.


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