Her Harem

Her Harem
Directed by Marco Ferreri
Written by Rafael Azcona
Marco Ferreri
Ugo Moretti
Starring Carrol Baker
Music by Ennio Morricone
Cinematography Luigi Kuveiller
Release dates
Country Italy
Language Italian

Her Harem (Italian: L'harem, released in UK as The Harem) is a 1967 Italian comedy-drama film written and directed by Marco Ferreri and starring Carrol Baker.


A woman has a number of male lovers so, during a holiday in Dubrovnik, she puts them together, with a stratagem, in her villa, in a sort of reverse harem.



It was the first film Baker made in Europe. She was having difficulties in her career in Hollywood and was offered the role when she met the director at the Venice Film Festival.

Baker says the film was meant to be a comedy but the director "lost his courage at the last minute... it would have been wonderful as a comedy but he cut out all the funny scenes and put a serious ending on it."[1]


The film was a box office flop - "Harem just didn't work out," Baker later said, "those things happen."[2] However it launched a successful career for Baker in Europe.


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