Henryk Samsonowicz

Henryk Samsonowicz
Born (1930-01-23) 23 January 1930
Warsaw, Poland
Nationality Polish
Fields History
Alma mater University of Warsaw

Henryk Bohdan Samsonowicz (born January 23, 1930 in Warsaw) is a Polish historian specializing in medieval Poland, prolific writer, and professor of the University of Warsaw. In 1989–1990, he was the minister of education in the government of prime minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki.[1]


Samsonowicz graduated in 1950 from University of Warsaw, and 1954 he received a PhD, and in 1960 was habilitated. In 1971 Samsonowicz was named a professor. Since 1967, he was a vice-dean of Department of Humanistic Studies at University of Warsaw, and in 1970 - 1973, he was the dean of the Department. Also, in 1975 - 1980, Samsonowicz was the director of the Institute of History.

In 1980, he became a member of Solidarity, and on October 1, 1980, he was nominated a rector of the University of Warsaw. Dismissed from this post on April 8, 1982, Samsonowicz participated in late 1980s in talks of the Round Table. After the June 4, 1989 election, he became Minister of Education, and in 1990, upon his decision, teaching of religious studies returned to Polish schools. Samsonowicz remained a minister until January 1991.

Currently, he lectures at the Humanistic Academy in Pułtusk, is a member of the Polish Academy of Learning, and of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He also has honorary degrees of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, and University of Wrocław. He is a bearer of the Samson coat of arms, in 1984 he was awarded Légion d'honneur. Since 2008, he has been an honorary citizen of Pultusk and Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.


Samsonowicz has written around 800 scientific papers, mostly on history of medieval Poland, including 16 books and university textbooks. Selected works include:

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